Where relationships are at the heart of the school and
the school is at the heart of the community

Welcome from Mr Hobson

Dear Parents/Carers

Our school motto is 'Omnia vinces perseverando', which means 'Perseverance overcomes all things'. It certainly reflects the experience of bringing our new school into being, but it also embodies the ethos of what we aim to achieve – inspiring our students to strive for success with a can-do attitude and determination.

In our first year we – the students, staff, governors and parents – have created and live by the Swanage School Way. At its core it comes down to treating others as you would want others to treat you – with respect. We are a happy school with relationships at our heart. Every child is known and valued for who they are. Our teachers deliver inspiring lessons and the students enjoy their learning and work hard.

We hope that this website provides all the information you need, from details about the uniform and school timings, to information about the things which make The Swanage School so special. Please do get in touch if you would like to visit the school or ask us a question which isn't answered here.

With my best wishes

Tristram Hobson

Mr Hobson visiting Downing Street in May 2014