Where relationships are at the heart of the school and
the school is at the heart of the community

Our Staff

Our staff are led by Headteacher, Tristram Hobson and Deputy Headteacher, Jenny Maraspin.

In line with the vision and ethos of The Swanage School we have a team of outstanding, fully qualified teaching staff, eager to make their mark on a new and ambitious local school.

If you would like to contact a member of staff directly the format for email addresses is firstnamelastname@theswanageschool.co.uk (eg tristramhobson@theswanageschool.co.uk). 

Our full list of teaching, support and administrative staff:


Tristram Hobson


Jenny Maraspin

Deputy Head Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead


Teaching Staff


Zoe Bayston

English & Drama Teacher

Steph Catling

Science Teacher

Daniel Crowhurst

Food Technology & Catering Teacher

Dave Dawson

SENCo & Maths Teacher

Danni Drodge

Geography & PBL Teacher, Head Of Challenger

James Elliott

Art & Design Teacher

Sarah Everitt

Curriculum Area Leader, Maths

Delphine Fawke

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

Lisa Gray

Curriculum Area Leader Humanities & Art

Jamie Harlowe

PE Teacher

Tracey Holmes

Science Teacher

Leah Howell

Music Teacher

Steph Humby

PRE & PBL Teacher, Head of Endeavour

Angela Kinchella

PRE Teacher

Sam Kerwood

Curriculum Area Leader, Science & PE

Kay Lawton

Curriculum Area Leader, English, Languages, Drama & Music

James Peacock

Design & Technology Teacher, Head of Halsewell

Harry Peake

Drama Teacher

Daniel Ringrow

Science & Maths Teacher

Cheryl Sutton

English Teacher

Matt Walling

IT Manager

Teaching Assistants


Kate Anderson-Doig

Teaching Assistant

Mandy Brennan


Ruth Brierley


Sue Fane


Matt Hamilton

Teaching Assistant

Ella Joynes

Teaching Assistant

Lisa Vallely

Teaching Assistant


Support Staff


Alison Atkins

Catering Assistant

Nikki Birch

Morning Receptionist

Francesca Bollani

Data Manager & Exams Officer

Louise Brickstock

Finance Manager

Kathryn Crompton

Lunchtime Assistant & Science Technician

Ben Gibbard

Technical Assistant

Emily Gunner

Lunchtime Assistant

Pamela Holt


Kelly James

Lunchtime Assistant & Science Technician

Katy Kerr

Business Manager

Andrea Knapman

Office Manager

Olga Kravchenko

Catering Manager

Nikki Lardner

Art/DT Technician

Brian Lewis

Minibus Driver

Mandy Sands

Safeguarding & Welfare Officer

Gary Stone

Facilities Manager

Nicky Taylor

Afternoon Receptionist

Jacqui Wilson

HR & Admin Assistant

Tutor Time

The Swanage School operates a vertical tutor group system in line with 'human scale education' principles. Vertical tutor groups are made up of all year groups which enable relationships to be forged across the school rather than just in year groups, creating a real sense of school community. Tutor groups register every morning and every afternoon together.

Morning registration is 10 minutes long and allows students to welcome and be welcomed as well as having time to prepare for the day.

Afternoon tutor time is 30 minutes long. This time is used for whole-school assemblies, house assemblies, inter-house competitions, time for reflection (eg, completing the learning log), peer mentoring and so on.

Inclusive Teaching

All students have talents and many may also have additional educational needs. As a small school, our qualified teachers and SEN coordinator will operate in a setting where abilities can be more easily spotted and nurtured and challenges identified and acted upon. If you have questions about this, please contact us.