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Subject Overview

The aim of the History Department is to encourage interest in and enjoyment of the past. We achieve this through a range of activities and learning styles and encourage pupils to creatively explore events and people that have filled our past and will shape our future. 

KS3 Year 7: See Project Based Learning (PBL)

KS3 Year 8: See Project Based Learning (PBL)

KS3/4 Year 9: Students study the First World War including an optional 1 night, 2 day trip to visit the Battlefield sites in Belgium and France; a visit to Smedmore House in Kimmeridge; and a trip to the local war cemetery. Students will then learn about the rise of Hitler and life in Nazi Germany; and finally they will study the History of Black Peoples and the impact of the slave trade. Students will study History or Geography for half a term and then swap. They will have 4 one hour lessons p/week.

GCSE Overview 

When choosing their options for GCSE’s, students have to take either History or Geography – they can also choose to take both. These are both extremely popular subjects and equip students with many transferable skills that will support their other studies. Over the course of our two week timetable, students will have 5 one hour lessons. 

Exam Board: OCR GCSE History: Schools History Project A - J415

KS4 Year 10: In Year 10 students will complete and in-depth study, focussing on the development of ‘The American West’ between 1845 -1890. This is a little known story of misunderstanding, conflict and persecution and students always enjoy learning about the fate of the Native American Indians and the story behind the settlement of modern America.

Students will then start the ‘Medicine through Time’ study which will give them an oversight of over 5000 years of medical progress and regression. In the summer term they will focus on Ancient Medicine.

KS4 Year 11: At the start of Year 11 students will complete a 6 week programme of study focussed on an area of their local History which will include 2 field visits. They will then complete a controlled assessment which will involve writing a 2000 word essay based on a question set by the exam board. They will have 4 hours of preparation and planning time and 4 hours of writing time under controlled conditions in the classroom, this will be worth 25% of their final mark. 

Students will then go back to the ‘Medicine through Time’ course, this will include a study in depth of British Public Health in the 19th and 20th Century.

Exam Details:

May 2016 - Paper 1: A combination of source and knowledge based questions covering The American West and Medicine through Time – worth 45% of the final mark.
June 2016 - Paper 2: A source based paper focussed on the in-depth aspect of Medicine - ‘British Public Health’ – worth 30% of the final mark.